Frequently asked question (FAQ)

  1. What are the screening tests compatible with CLEA’s Virtual CLEA Screening?

    Our platform currently supports tests using CLEA Antigen Rapid Test (Oral Fluid / Saliva) and will open for more types of tests soon.

  2. Can I use any RTK test kits available in the market for Virtual CLEA Screening (VCS)?

    We strongly recommend test kits that are approved by Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA), as listed here.

  3. I couldn’t find the brand of RTK test kit that I am using from the list in CLEA.

    Your test kit is not an MDA approved test kit, please purchase approved test kits from this list.

  4. The application doesn’t run well or lags badly on my phone. What is the problem?

    There is a minimum hardware and software requirement to ensure quality throughout the whole VCS session. Please ensure your phone fulfills the requirements. You need 1GB of disk space and a functioning front and back camera. iOS version 10.0 or above. Android 5.0 or above.

  5. I do not have a data subscription; how should I upload my self-test session?

    Your session will be stored in your phone’s memory and will be uploaded automatically once you have a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.

  6. Where can I request for credit to conduct a VCS session?

    If you are a corporate user, you may request credit from your company. Please contact your Human Resources / OSHA/ Compliance Department.

  7. I am just a third party vendor of this company but they demand me to conduct VCS before coming for work. Why do I have to do this?

    The company you are working at is a certified CLEA premise. All its patrons have to undergo CLEA screening before granted entry. CLEA premises practise Virtual CLEA Screening (VCS) instead of conventional physical screening. You need to install CLEA application and you may request for a credit for your screening from the vendor management or purchasing department.

  8. I’m out of credit, how can I top up?

    If you are an individual user, just click on the “top up” button on top right of the home page and follow the instructions. You may top up via credit card, iPay88, e-wallet or e-banking.

  9. My test was inconclusive, what should I do?

    Your test will still be submitted and will be acknowledged. According to the CLEA Management Guidelines highlighted by the Ministry of Health, you will need to repeat the test using a new MDA approved CLEA RTK test kit until a conclusive result is achieved. The credit for the inconclusive test will be refunded instantly.

  10. I have made mistakes during my VCS session, what should I do?

    VCS are procedural. Please follow the steps clearly and accurately. You are wholly liable for the errors in conducting VCS. Please understand clearly the procedures of your selected RTK test and the usage of CLEA app before conducting VCS. Should you encounter any errors during the test, please restart the app and redo the RTK test with a new test kit. No credit will be deducted if you have not submitted any conclusive result.

  11. I was denied entry to my workplace despite I have submitted my result as negative.

    Your test may have been deemed otherwise by our assigned CLEA Practitioners, hence your CLEA certificate will display your CLEA status as positive or inconclusive. Usually their decisions are final, but you may still lodge a dispute through our support channels, or you may contact your Human Resources / OSHA/ Compliance Department for confirmation.

  12. Why do I have to take pictures of my identification documents?

    You are required to complete Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for every VCS session. This is a crucial part of our mission to safeguard the integrity of every CLEA test performed through CLEA.

  13. I have misplaced my identification document or my document is damaged, how can I proceed with the VCS?

    For Malaysians, you may use your driver’s license or passport as identification documents to complete your VCS.